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Victoria Point


This small port at the southernmost tip of Tanintharyi Division - and the southernmost point of mainland Myanmar(Burma) (800km from Yangon and 2000km from the country's northern tip) - is only separated from Thailand by a broad estuary in the Pakchan River. To the British it was known as Victoria Point and to the Thais it's known as Ko Sawng (Second Island). The Burmese name, Kawthoung (also spelt Kawthaung), is a mispronunciation of the latter.


The main business here is trade with Thailand, followed by fishing, rubber and cashews. Among Burmese, Kawthaung is most known for producing some of the country's outstanding kickboxers. Most Kawthoung residents are bilingual in Thai and Burmese. Many residents born and raised in Kawthoung, especially Muslims, also speak Pashu, a dialect that mixes the Thai, Malay and Burmese languages.


Victoria Point 5


Kawthoung's bustling waterfront is lined with teashops, moneychangers and shops selling Thai construction materials. Touts stroll up and down the pier area, arranging boat charters to Thailand for visitors and traders. A huge duty-free market was built in pseudo-Bamar style in 1997, next to the harbor, but so fare it stands completely empty. Along one side of the harbor lies Cape Bayinnaung, named for King Bayinnaung, a Bamar monarch who invaded Thailand several times between 1548 and 1569. A bronze statue of Bayinnaung - out - fitted in full battle gear and brandishing a sword pointed at Thailand, not exactly a welcoming sight for visiting Thais, stands at the crest of a hill on the cape.

Five kilometers north of town, the fishing village of Thirimyaing Lan is known for its hilltop Third Mile Pagoda, with good sea and island views. Thirimyaing Lan also boasts good local seafood restaurants along its waterfront. Another 11km on is Paker Beach, reportedly the best nearby mainland beach

King Bayinnaung Hill

Victoria Point 2

Victoira Point

Victoria Point 1

Kawthaung Grandspirit Shrine

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Kawthaung Market

Victoria Point 3

MV Dawei Princess


Dawei Princess is specially built for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and sport fishing adventure trip basing Dawei City. She is equipped with dive platform, dining area, sun deck, 20 seats in air conditional hall, toilet and shower. The crews are fantastic, always doing their best to make you feel safe and comfortable.

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Boat Rental & Charter

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Charter Rates 1-8 Pax 9-16 Pax
MV Mergui Princess US$ 1950 per day US$ 2450 per day

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Mergui Princess is a fast and comfortable liveaboard with 3 air-conditioned private cabins which can accommodate 6 clients and 4-5 crew members. It is 79 feet (20.lm) long. It is equipped with modern navigation and communication system like echo sounder, GPS, i-com radio and a satellite phone.

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Mergui Princess Cruise1


Mergui Princess Cruise (1) is newly live aboard which can be accommodated maximum 6 passengers. All cabins onboard are air-conditioned and offering great sea view. She has one queen size bed and one bunk bed room with en suite bathroom are on the main deck and one twin bed room without en suite bathroom is on the upper deck.

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MSK - 01 (3 days 2 nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - Myauk Ni Island - Thay Yae Island( USD 937/ Pax )
MSK - 02 (4 days 3 nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - Nga Man - Kyun Phila - Myauk Ni - Thay Yae Island - Kawthaung ( USD 1158/ Pax )
MSK - 03 (5 days 4 nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - 254 Island - 256 Island - Nga Man Island - Kyun Phila - Bo Ywe - Myauk Ni Island - Thay Yae Island - Kawthaung( USD 1389/ Pax)
MSK - 04 (6 days 5 nights) Kawtthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - 254 Island -256 Island - 60 Island - Crocodile Creek - Ko Phwat - Tar yar Island - Nga Man Island - Kyun Phila - Bo Ywe Island -  Myauk Ni Island - Thay Yae Island - Kawthaung ( USD 1621/ Pax )
MSK - 05 (6 days 5 nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - Nga Man Island - Kyun Phila - 254 Island - Salet Galet Island - Marble Island - Wal Island - Mergui Island - Myeik (USD 1812/Pax)
MSK - 06 (6 days 5 nights) Kawthaung Base
Myeik - Mergui Island - Wal Island - Marbel Island - Salet Galet - 254 Island - 256 Island - Nga Man Island - 115 Island - Taung La Bo - Kawthaung (USD 1812/Pax)
MSK- 07  (4days/3nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung – Kyet Mauk I (Cock’s Comb) – Say Tan I (Dunkin I) – Nyaung Oo Phee I – Kha Yin Gwa (Maclcod I)  – Myauk Nee I (N.Phipps) – Thay Yee Island – Kawthaung. (USD 1158/ Pax)



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The Islands in the Mergui Archipelago

There are so many islands lying between North Lat 98.38' E to 11N in Kawthaung district. Among them, some islands have the beautiful sandbanks, clean water, sea creatures and animals that c

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